As a church, we are a group of people of all ages, from many backgrounds, united in our desire to put God first, and to share His love with those who do not yet know Him.

We seek to teach the Bible as the Word of God. We understand that the central message of the Bible is that God has revealed himself to us through Jesus. We believe that because of Jesus' death and resurrection, He now offers us the free gift of forgiveness and new life.


In terms of the style of music used during our Sunday services, there is a balance sought between the past and the present. As a church we believe it is important not to lose our historic roots while at the same time striving to utilize the best of available modern worship music.

Pastoral visitation has played a vital role historically in Hill Street. It has been the view of successive ministers that it would be difficult to minister adequately from the pulpit only. Visitation is not limited to only the minister. Hill Street has a number of Lay Visitors and there is a team of ladies who visit those unable to leave their own homes, as well as visits by church elders within their local districts.

As a church we also strive to develop community - on a Sunday but especially in our Fellowship Groups where we meet fortnightly to study the Bible and share our lives. 

Our church is governed by the eldership. In Hill Street there are currently 20 ruling elders plus the minister, who is the teaching elder. The finance and the church buildings belonging to the congregation are managed by the Church Committee.

Hill Street is part of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland. You may visit the PCI website for further, more detailed information about our denomination and its mission.