Living as a Christian is hard. It can be especially hard in a culture that is changing all the time - a culture that doesn’t share the values of the Bible and in some cases in even opposed to them. So how do we live for Jesus in a world that is opposed to Him and His message? How do we stand firm in the face of suffering and trials? How do we live in such a way that shows others that we love Jesus and want them to know Him? 

Those are some of the big questions that we will be thinking about at relate this term. To help us, we will be looking at the letter of 1 Peter. It was written to Christians in a very similar situation to us - they found themselves in the minority and on the margins of society. Being a Christian for them was hard and yet we can learn so much from their experience and from the advice that Peter gives them. 

If you’re at secondary school then we would love to see you at relate this year. If you’re a Christian then we want to help you grow in your faith and learn more about being a disciple of Jesus. If you’re not yet a Christian then we want to provide a safe and relaxed place or you to explore His claims for yourself. No matter where you are on the journey we want to help you wrestle with the big issues… and we’ll have lots of fun along the way!