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About Relate

Relate is all about Jesus. We believe he is good news. We believe he is the hope of the world and the hope for every young person. Each Saturday night we try to find out more about him and help each other get to know him better... all of this happens in a safe, relaxed and fun environment!

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We place high value on community. As a team of leaders, we want to build lasting, effective relationships with young people and encourage them to develop and build meaningful friendships with each other. But most importantly we want young people to build a lasting relationship with Jesus.

A typical Saturday night will involve a time of worship, a time of looking at the Bible, some time discussing relevant issues and praying with one another in small groups... and of course some time for food!

Relate takes place every Saturday night in 105 Hill Street from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. It is open to all young people from 1st year of secondary school and upwards. 

If you come along you will be made very welcome and will have a great time meeting some new people and hearing all about Jesus!


  • Relate is an unashamedly gospel based group that aims to encourage young people to engage in a real relationship with the living God.
  • We want young people to develop a real relationship with Jesus and accountable relationships with one another.
  • We are passionate about teaching the Bible and believe that young people need more of God's truth in their lives, not less. We seek to do this as faithfully, creatively and effectively as we can. We believe this is the most effective way to grow fruit that will last.
  • We want to disciple young people and help them to become Christians who influence their friends, families and communities. We want to develop disciples who make disciples. 
  • We want to preach, teach, lead and live a Christian life that excites and inspires young people. We do all of this so that God may be glorified.