Reading the Bible in a Year

At church on Sunday night we mentioned that there are several helpful resources available for reading the Bible through in one year. While it is possible to start at Genesis and keep going, it is probably better and easier to follow a plan that incorporates portions of both the Old and New Testament each day.

McCheyne's Bible Reading Plan
This was devised by Robert Murray McCheyne (1813-1843), minister of St Peter's Dundee. By following this plan you read four chapters of the Bible each day which allows you to cover the Old Testament once and the New Testament and Psalms twice. Each of the four chapters are from different parts of the Bible. Many Christians have used this down through the years and found it gives a great overview of the Scriptures. 

The plan is available here.

You might also wish to look at Don Carson's notes and guide to this plan here.

The 5 Day Plan
This was recently highlighted by Melissa Kruger though The Gospel Coalition website

Here you read four or five chapters of the Bible each day for five days each week - giving you two days off to read other things, study something more deeply or er... catch up! One of the features of this plan is that the Old Testament readings are arranged chronologically which   you might find provides additional insight into the story of the Bible. 

The plan is available here.

The Bible Reading Plan for Shirkers and Slackers
This is a novel approach that some of us might find helpful. It allocates different types of Bible literature (poetry, Pentateuch, OT history, OT prophets, NT history, NT letters) to different days and has you read approximately three chapters each day. 

The plan is undated however and so it allows a certain flexibility - you might cover it in a year or take a bit longer. You will however be able to keep track and make sure you cover the entire Bible.

The plan is available here.

While some of us might find greater benefit in a more careful and prolonged study of a Bible book or theme, the benefit of these plans is that they help us cover all of God's 'useful' Word (1 Tim 3:16) - even the bits we might not turn to so readily. 

We hope this is helpful. Watch out for the next post which will highlight some apps and online aids to Bible reading.